Morganite Projects, Part 1

At this year's Tucson gem show, one of our missions was to buy up as much morganite as we could.  We focused on large, clean pieces with bold colors, and smaller stones with the purest pinks we could find.  We bought a few great parcels of every size, shape, and color, and after some lengthy negotiations we were able to swing some fantastic deals.

We're working now on creating a line of morganite jewelry from these pieces, which range from smaller stones up to huge cocktail pieces.  As a teaser, check out this ring we are working on:

10+ carat morganite and diamond ring project 10+ carat morganite and 1/5 ctw diamond ring in 14kt rose gold! All that's left to do is set the large (16 x 12 mm) morganite and it will be ready for sale!

One of the most popular and sought-after shapes for morganite is the heart, but unfortunately heart-shaped morganites are hard to come by.  Cutters don't like to cut hearts because the heart shape cuts away a lot of good material, lowering the weight (and therefore value) of the stone.  They'd rather cut pears, which are a similar shape but weigh substantially more.  We searched high and low at Tucson this year and managed to buy a parcel of big, beautiful hearts, which we are excited to share with you soon.  They're already set and are actually down in the photo studio as I type this, so keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of this post including links to finished pieces available for sale.

Check back soon for more!

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