New Waxes and Products Coming Soon

Recently I've been inspired by a wide variety of motifs and subjects. I love anything that has a nod to the past.  I love Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro jewelry and just plain antique jewelry generally speaking. As long as its chic and wearable and preferably a little unique then I am all over it.  I am beginning to collect costume brooches from mainly the 40's.  An era I am particularly fascinated with. I love looking at dresses and hats from this time period, since there were war time restrictions on amount of fabric there was an understated element of chic meets practicality. In my humble opinion, fashion design requires more creativity especially if you have less to work with.  Also I feel there was a sense of glamour that carried from the 1930's into the 1940's with Hollywood ever influencing style.  I am thinking about those fabulous veiled hats and also Betty Grable and Veronica Lake as style icons of the 40's.  The jewelry is especially interesting from this period too, platinum was needed for the war effort so gold was used more.  World War II bakelite jewelry was popular during this time and is sought after by many collectors today. Bakelite is an early hard brittle plastic that is a formaldehyde based resin discovered in 1907 and was considered revolutionary. Bakelite was used in a wide variety applications, but in jewelry subjects included planes, bombs, anchors, hearts, and I've even seen cherries which inspired one of the waxes in the photo.  The jewelry was used mainly as a way to show support.  I love how jewelry can be used to convey an important message.   Here are some of the waxes I've carved recently with many more to come.  Thanks for reading!


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