We are on Pinterest!

I am definitely what you would call a Pinterest newbie.  I have had a personal pinterest account for awhile now.  However, I rarely pinned anything mainly because I had not a clue how it really worked.  However, once I realized how it worked it was like a big light bulb went off in my head. I immediately was like I wish this was around when I was still a student in fashion design or when I was an art minor as an undergraduate.  Mood boards if you are unfamiliar with them are what artists use in the various occupations of art and design to get ideas and narrow focus into collections. Typically you literally pin pictures using square pins onto foam core boards.   The plethora of pictures and ease of creating boards through pinterest made me stash away my foam core boards and actual pins for now, while saving on a ton of printer ink.  Although, keep in mind you can print them too if you want especially if you need to present your ideas.

I started pinning like crazy on my own personal boards these past couple of weeks, creating boards based on my favorite muses, fashion, nature, and antiques. Then I realized hey I can start a Pinterest for our business that shows what we're inspired by as well as some our own jewelry.  I really do believe a picture is worth a thousand words, inspiration can come from all corners of the globe and all periods of history. So its nice to see what other people have shared and liked and also share what we're inspired by as well.  If you aren't on Pinterest already I highly recommend it even if you don't think you need one like I did. You can create your own dream vacation board, gardening plans, DIY ideas, whatever your interests just happen to be you.

If you would like to follow us on Pinterest here is a link to our boards.  I promise to add more pins.  I just started it today so its a little sparse. Now I just need to figure out what Instagram is all about (while I am still on the young side, I do remember the days of dial up internet and boy bands, so please bear with me).


Happy Pinning!


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