Webmaster Duties

Matt here, writing up my first post on the Bonyak Jewelry blog.  While Ruth does most of the real work (design and fabrication), I'm mainly responsible for maintaining our website and sourcing gemstones.

The site has gone through a few iterations now.  The first version ran on the ZenCart platform, which was pretty capable but also lacked a modern style.  The last time I had done any serious website work was in the late 1990s, and I think it's safe to say that the web has changed dramatically since then.  So that site lasted a few months, and it became clear we needed something more dynamic and responsive.

The current site is built on VirtueMart, which is definitely more modern and slick than ZenCart, but in many ways still requires a lot of custom coding and hacking.  That's a big part of why I'm such a poor webmaster -- I know the website is held together with shoestring and bubblegum and I don't want to make any big updates that could break everything.  So the VirtueMart site has slowly decayed, and not been updated the way it should be.

But Version 3.0 is coming.  We've decided to move away from the low-cost open source roll-your-own approach and go with something more professional.  So we're switching to a Magento-based website.  This new site is currently under development and should be ready for primetime within the next month.  Our goal is to go live before Halloween.

Ruth has a lot of great designs that aren't on the site right now.  In fact, less than half of what she's sold has been featured on the website.  Starting with the new site, that will be changing.  Our full inventory will be posted and up-to-date.  We're pretty excited.

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